7th Step | dance group | Kalliopi Ioannidou.

The dance group “Seventh 7th Step” gives performances
which stand out for their fresh look and original themes.



  • Επικίνδυνες Σχέσεις - Dangerous Liaisons | Evdomo Vima | Παραστάσεις Χορού - Dance PerformancesDangerous Liaisons
    The dance group "7th Step" presents the baroque dance performance "Dangerous Liaisons" based on the homonymous work of Chonderlos de Laclos. [...]
  • Καπρίτσια - Whims | Evdomo Vima | Παραστάσεις Χορού - Dance PerformancesWhims / Capriccia
    Cheating and plotting in an aristocratic salon of the 18th century, as each one of five women claims the young man for herself. [...]
  • Armida - Αρμίδα | Evdomo Vima | Παραστάσεις Χορού - Dance PerformancesArmida… (Nikos Kavvadias’ Poetry)
    Dance theatre based on composed poetry of Nikos Kavvadias. The poems are composed by Nikos Kavvadias, by M. Koch, Th. Mikroutsikos, M. Montanaro, Ch. Papadopoulos, G. Spanos. [...]
  • In the shadow of the heart | Tribute to Georges Brassens | Evdomo Vima | Παραστάσεις Χορού - Dance PerformanceG. Brassens | In the shadow of the heart
    Tribute to Georges Brassens: Two evenings - one dedication to the French poet, composer and singer, with 15 from his songs of total duration 60 minutes. [...]
  • Βελούδινέ μου κατιφέ | My Velvet Marigold | Εβδομο Βήμα | Ρεμπέτικο - RebetikoMy Velvet Marigold | Rebetiko
    Rebetika songs in a neoclassical ballet dance performance about uprooting, immigration, the clash of the dreams with reality and the force of life. [...]
  • Ταραντέλα | Ένας τελετουργικός χορός | Έβδομο Βήμα | Ομάδα ΧορούTarantella pizzica | A ritual dance
    A perfomance about the ritual dance of Southern Italy by the music of the greek-speaking villages of Calabria. [...]
  • Η ομάδα χορού "Έβδομο Βήμα" παρουσιάζει την AUREA PILAAurea Pila | Golden Globe
    From dawn until noon, following the steps of "la belle danse", the passions of love are outdone by a glorifying statement of companionship. [...]

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