Whims / Capriccia

A few words for the play:

The title of the baroque dance style play “Whims/Capriccia” refers on 2 things.

On the one hand to the music of the play, that involves six Paganini’s capriccia for solo violin.

On the other hand, it is a comic point of view on the french 18th century’s aristocracy’s morals and their whims.

The Whims are the endless and unjustified cheating of a young man towards his fiancée.

So, the subject is cheating and plotting in an aristocratic salon of the 18th century, as each one of five women claims the young man for herself.

The story unrolls in seventeen scenes.

The members of the little circle aim to pleasure, but they are preys of their own passions.

They often fall victims of their defaults, with dominant that of vanity.

How does all this end? Or better, how does it continue?

The play “Whims/Capriccia” was performed by the six dancer’s company “7o vima” in PK Theater for 4 continual Mondays.

Καπρίτσια / Whims | Evdomo Vima | Dance Group

Concept – Choreography: Kalliopi Ioannidou

Light designment: Katerina Maragoudaki


Lata Fotini, Balla Melina, Botou Evelina, Stergiaki Constantina, Psyhogios Philippos, Ioannidou Kalliopi.

Duration: 60 minutes (no intermission)

Place: “PK” Τheatre | 30 Kassomouli Str. and 2 René Pyo Str.
metro, tram: Neos Kosmos

Booking: 210 9011677

Tickets: General admission 10€, reduced 8€

Performances: Every Monday 9.30 pm from 14/1/2019 – 4/2/2019