G. Brassens | In the shadow of the heart

In the shadow of the heart | Tribute to Georges Brassens


The songs of Georges Brassens

1. Columbine

The columbine who drags behind her a crew of fools, by a poem of Paul Verlaine

Melina Balla, Yannis Labner, Nathanail-Anagnosti Ivi, Kalliopi Ioannidou

2. The little flute player

The musician who denied becoming a nobleman ( his answer to his friends who wanted him a member of the French Academy)

Nathanail-Anagnosti Ivi, Melina Balla, Adamopoulou Penny

3. My old Leon

Song for the dead accordionist

Kalliopi Ioannidou

4. In the shadow of my friend’s heart

A nasty bird began to scream when he tried to waken up the beauty with his kiss

Yannis Labner, Melina Balla, Adamopoulou Penny

5. The wind

…on the Pont des Arts prefers to tease the petulants

Nathanail-Anagnosti Ivi, Adamopoulou Penny, Melina Balla,

6. Stance to a burglar

Song for the burglar I forgive

Yannis Labner, Kalliopi Ioannidou

7. I made myself very small

…in front of a doll that says mammy when you touch her

Adamopoulou Penny, Yannis Labner

8. The ghost

an encounter with a ghost

Kalliopi Ioannidou, Yannis Labner,

9. The Auvergn

a song for the people who showed him kindness

Adamopoulou Penny, Nathanail-Anagnosti Ivi, Melina Balla

10. Deceives death

Don’t think my time has come

Yannis Labner, Nathanail-Anagnosti Ivi, Melina Balla,

11. Trumpets of Fame

how out of tune you are!

Nathanail-Anagnosti Ivi

12. Non-Marriage Requests

I have the honor of not asking your hand

Kalliopi Ioannidou, Yannis Labner,

13. The swearing Round

good old swears are dead!

Nathanail-Anagnosti Ivi, Melina Balla,

14. The Panurge Sheep

someday this girl will fall in love

Adamopoulou Penny

15. Requests to be buried at the beach of Sète

his testament

Adamopoulou Penny, Nathanail-Anagnosti Ivi, Kalliopi Ioannidou